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Welcome to Fraser Valley Counselling, where I am dedicated to guiding you and your partner toward a stronger and more joy-filled relationship. Whether you're navigating challenges in communication, intimacy, trust, or conflict resolution, know that I am here to provide unwavering support as we embark on this journey embracing the Gottman Method of couple’s therapy.
The Gottman method is a proven approach developed by Dr. John Gottman, a scientist and psychologist with over 50 years of research. Together with his wife, Psychologist, Julie Gottman, this comprehensive method focuses on enhancing three essential areas in your relationship: friendship, conflict management, and shared meaning. We commit to conducting a thorough assessment of your unique relationship, followed by personalized interventions designed to address your specific needs and goals, that are designed to turn you towards each other.
I personality profile all clients, as it’s an effective tool to show each couple just how different you think and process. Some individuals are analytical, some spontaneous, others are more methodical, some are natural procrastinators! Some personalities like to be right, but what does it cost them to be right!?
Life can be challenging, especially during difficult and painful moments. Choosing a counsellor is a crucial decision, particularly when dealing with life's sensitive aspects. I extend a genuine and caring hand to those who are hurting and navigating life's struggles. My approach is nonjudgmental, and non-shaming, providing a supportive space where your voice is heard, and your stories are held with utmost confidentiality.
My goal is to meet you where you are, offering guidance and illumination towards emotional healing and well-being. Life's journey is not always smooth; unexpected curves may leave us feeling unequipped to handle challenges alone. Anxiety and depression can sometimes take hold, disrupting our support systems. I am here to assist you in processing and overcoming these obstacles, guiding you towards an enhanced sense of self-confidence and restoring joy to your daily life. Imagine the lightness and freedom you could experience by releasing the burdens you've been carrying!


Tina Cooke
Marriage, Relationship & Transition Coach


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